Just put your witty goggles on first

(Insert witty story here)

Wait, you mean I’m supposed to insert the witty story? How about this: one week ago yesterday, K came down with a fever. For two whole days I carried her, at 103 degrees Fahrenheit, while trying to entertain the boy without any free hands. For two more days, she griped around the house that, while she no longer had a significant fever and I no longer had any upper body strength remaining, she was no longer being carried everywhere. Then M came down with a fever. For the next two days, M bopped around the house seeming surprisingly un-sick despite the fever that absolutely knocked out his sister, and I tried to keep both kids entertained, indoors, while slowly regaining the use of my hands. For the past two days, resolute M was felled by the addition of a cough, which has kept me up every night this week for 2-4 hours, and keeps him from eating, sleeping, or playing at any activity for more than 2 minutes. K continues to whine because, a week later, we are still around the house. Only now Mom is overtired, overworked, and running seriously low on super-fun at-home activities (Want to make art in the salad spinner? Sure. Want to make art with marbles? Sure. Want to make art with marbles in the salad spinner? Why the heck not! It’s not like I have a better idea). And tonight, after crawling to the computer and browsing a little, I’ve discovered that the world has continued spinning quite contentedly, that it’s almost Friday, and that it’s the last day of April to boot. Really? That’s news to me.

So there. That’s my witty story. Wasn’t very witty, was it? Wasn’t much of a story, either. Well, there’s always next week.


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