Two kids + three years = ALL THE ANSWERS

Want to potty train your children? It’s super easy. Just wait until they suddenly tell you that they need to poop (this will, of course, happen before they’re old enough to distinguish between poop and pee, so everything is called “poop”). Then let them sit on the potty. Don’t make a big deal, don’t push them, and by all means, never remind them that they should be using the potty. They’ll just do it all by themselves, whether you were actually ready to potty train or not.

Because this is what happened with M, and what appears to be happening with K (who is, by all accounts, way to young to be effectively using the potty, which she is occasionally using, well, effectively).

And because it happened just that way with my kids, I’m sure it will be just that way for everyone else. Isn’t that how parenting advice always gets passed, anyway?


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