The sounds of non-silence

My two mostly nonverbal children have been pestering me with their own unique sounds this weekend. K’s sound is an annoying squawk not unlike a bird squeezed tightly around the midsection; seems not to be connected with happiness nor discontent. M’s sound is a cough, dry and forced. Here’s the contextual recreation of their usage:

K: (I’m bored. Very bored. This bouncy thing has lost all bounce.) SQUAWK. (Oh, that was such a fun sound to make. Look how the milk lady jumped. She has this funny look on her face now. I must have done something fantastic.) SQUAWK. (Now the bath man has that same look. And the kid with all the roll-y toys has come to turn me around again. Thanks kid!) SQUA-AWK! (Now they’re both on their feet and I’m up and out and shuffled. Ooo, what fun this has been.) SQUAWK SQUA-AWK! (I could keep them moving all day. There goes my boredom!)

M: (In the car, driving in the car, bored in the car, wish I had my trains, books, duck, stroller–wait, did they mention lunch?) COUGH. (Oh come on people. You didn’t get that.) COUGH COUGH. (Yes I’m okay. I want chicken. You said lunch and I want Dada Chicken). COUGH. (Finally. Yes, Dada chicken. You know, the kind that makes me cough? It’s so spicy and yummy and I want some now. Hey wait, you just passed the Bear Place, the one you call Panda Express, only I don’t know why they don’t just call it the Dada Chicken place because that’s the only thing they should ever serve.) COUGH COUGH COUGH. (Stop already, it’s back there.) COUGH COUGH. (I don’t care if we had it yesterday) COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH CO-OUGH. (Okay, go ahead and go home, but you all are crazy if you think I’m eating whatever you’ve got there.)

I suppose I could learn the lessons that (1) K needs more attention or (2) we’ve eaten at Panda Express too often, but, really, I’m just more comfortable thinking I have really weird kids.


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